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I Choose Love
Communities of Forgiveness
Pastor Matthew Stultz

March 11

God Has Work for Us to Do: Faithful Disciples

Pastor Matthew Stultz

March 18


                      GIVE HER


Congregational Care

Please pray for our church family and friends.

Healing Strength:   Betty Bomaster, Wayne Knight, Ginny Compton, Lee McCarty, Jack St. Pierre (brother of Jill Hagan), Sean Hagan (Hagan's son), Michele Matusiak (Jill Hagan's sister), Linda Campbell, Norm Troutt, Karl Hinkle (friend of AUMC), Chris Osborn (Ken and Sandy Grubb's daughter), Mark Thompson (Barb's brother), Stan Ensch, Janet Coons (Donna McCullough's daugther)

Our Homebound Members:  Mary Schmidt, Jeann Carman, Jenny Compton, Clara Ford, Carolyn Loos

Our College Students:  Emily Zietlow, Alexandria Meyer, Emily Crowel, Noel Wolfe, Adam Zietlow, Tanner Howell, Tatum Howell

Military Personnel: Adam Walters, Joseph (Andy) Roberts, Lucas Lamkin

If you have a prayer request please call the office or fill out a prayer request card during Sunday worship so that your name or  your loved one's name can be added to the prayer list.  A request for prayer can also be sent out to other members on agapenet but we know that details of prayer requests can be private so information and updates will only be shared if requested.  Names will remain on the prayer list for two weeks unless otherwise requested.